10 Great Ways to Wake Up Your Kids


Number 10 Call or text them In today’s era, I don’t even have to get out of the bed. Dude, you up? Dude, wake up. DUDE!!!! GET UP NOW! I have my cellphone man! Number 9 Yell from bed BUUUDDDYY! PRIIINNNNCCEEESSS!! It’s time to get up and get ready for school. No, you can’t stay […]

Man Tries To Abduct Child


If you were driving down the street, and you saw a man talking to a child that was passing by, what would you think? You would probably be suspicious. You would probably think that the child is in some sort of danger. Don’t worry, I would say that 75% or more of people that are […]

To My Son


Buddy, for years and years, I dreamed of having a family. I hoped that one day that dream would become reality. There were many things in my life that had to take place in order for you to become a part of it. I was in a pretty bad car wreck when I was in […]

Daddy Son Trip Of The First Kind


So, my son and I took our first father son road trip. Last Friday we rented a car and headed down to Panama City Beach. The trip is around 7 hours from our house so we wanted to get started early in the day. We hit a snag in the initial start time and it […]

Wondering What It Would Be Like


Wondering what it would be like if my dad were still around. Would we be hanging out all of the time? Would my son hang on his every word? Would my daughter climb on his knee and hug his neck tight while he gives her a dollar for the snack machine? I wonder how our […]

Disney Dad Blogger and Family Do the Harlem Shake

It’s everywhere! The Harlem Shake. I’ve seen it. You’ve seen it. So we decided to make our own version. Check it out below and don’t laugh too hard. LIKE me on Facebook! Southern Bella’s Big Daddy

We Love Mom But When She’s Gone…


Well, we know that mom has to take trips for her blog. We also know that mom has some good times on most of those trips…….WELL……So do we!! The kids and I come up with cool things to do while mom is away. We like to have fun and spend time together while we wait […]