Need For Speed Movie


No more second fiddle to Mr. White. Aaron Paul is stepping out front in a big way. Need for Speed looks to be action filled, exciting, and full of fast cars. Need For Speed is based on the popular video game brought to life. After being around all of those cars at the Chicago Auto […]

The Wonderful World of Walt Disney Studios Movies in 2014


It it no secret that my family and I are Disney fanatics and Disney movies are just another link to that. 2014 is set up to be an amazing year for Walt Disney Studios Movies. There are several great movies coming out this year, but you guessed it…I have favorites that I can’t wait to […]

Lincoln Movie Is Oscar Worthy


So, all that I wanted was to go and see the movie Lincoln for my birthday….FINALLY!!!!! Kas took me to see it tonight after my birthday dinner. It was the late showing and we had to drive to Nashville to see it….But, it was well worth it! I can see why this movie received all […]