Top 5 Reasons That Make Me Believe In Santa Claus


Man Oh Man! I Love this time of year! The holiday spirit, the family time, the winter weather, and just the feeling of the holidays. I remember when I was growing up what our Christmas’ were like. We would go to my grandmother’s house every Christmas Eve and celebrate with her. She would cook a […]

How Do I Tell Them?


We started getting the calls at 6:18 AM. First my wife’s phone rang and then my phone. I grabbed for mine but I was too late it had already stopped but I could still see who was calling on the screen. Then my wife’s phone rang again and it was her sister one more time. […]

Medieval Times Are Upon Us


***Disclosure: I’m attending The #MBFam lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Myrtle Beach CVB. All opinions are 100% mine. *** The king and his daughter the princess welcomed us into their kingdom. We were treated like royalty as we entered the castle and were greeted by his majesty the king. The royal servants lead […]

Myrtle Beach Madness

storm MB

***Disclosure: I’m attending The #MBFam lodgings, and some expenses were covered by Myrtle Beach CVB. All opinions are 100% mine. *** Have you ever been in the ocean and said I am gonna die? When I was in my 20’s I almost did with some horrible rip tides and a long day of beach volleyball. […]

Wondering What It Would Be Like


Wondering what it would be like if my dad were still around. Would we be hanging out all of the time? Would my son hang on his every word? Would my daughter climb on his knee and hug his neck tight while he gives her a dollar for the snack machine? I wonder how our […]

Best Friends Until The End


It was all so great all of the time when they were little. Look at her little face. She is so sweet, beautiful, and just perfect. She was and is the perfect addition to our family. And this little guy….007….James Bond….What a great looking little man. He had more girlfriends at this age then I […]

Don’t Let The Flu Take Over You

Mama sick

Let me be the first to tell you that the Flu is no joke and it ain’t cheap either! Last Wednesday, the Type B Flu entered our household and it took us by storm! It started with our youngest Isabella. She stayed at home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from school. Isabella’s brother Gabriel got sick […]

We Love Mom But When She’s Gone…


Well, we know that mom has to take trips for her blog. We also know that mom has some good times on most of those trips…….WELL……So do we!! The kids and I come up with cool things to do while mom is away. We like to have fun and spend time together while we wait […]

An Amazing Afternoon At Magic Kingdom




My daughter is eight years old. She has already moved on from the Jonas Brothers. Oh yes, she met one of them at Disney a couple of years ago and “almost fainted”. We moved into the Justin Bieber phase and I think mama almost fainted! Right now she is still into Justin but everything is […]