This Dad’s Worry


Just when you get over all of the thoughts of your child being bullied, beaten, hurt in a car accident, or any other teenage drama, it gets worse. A threat is discussed and shared all over social media. A student is upset and told someone that he is going to shoot up the school tomorrow. […]

Man Tries To Abduct Child


If you were driving down the street, and you saw a man talking to a child that was passing by, what would you think? You would probably be suspicious. You would probably think that the child is in some sort of danger. Don’t worry, I would say that 75% or more of people that are […]

Fears and Phobias


Phobias and fears can be hard to overcome. I know people who are scared of heights and can’t even look up the side of a building or go over a bridge without having some sort of emotion or a panic attack. I mean can you imagine looking over the edge of a bridge, especially a […]