For Daddy’s Girl


We had our son and now it was time for my little princess. Bella, your mom and I were in Pigeon Forge doing a little Christmas shopping. I remember her being sick and we both looked at each other and said “TEST” at the same time. We went and bought a pregnancy test and went […]

To My Son


Buddy, for years and years, I dreamed of having a family. I hoped that one day that dream would become reality. There were many things in my life that had to take place in order for you to become a part of it. I was in a pretty bad car wreck when I was in […]

Daddy Son Trip Of The First Kind


So, my son and I took our first father son road trip. Last Friday we rented a car and headed down to Panama City Beach. The trip is around 7 hours from our house so we wanted to get started early in the day. We hit a snag in the initial start time and it […]

Pretty Cool Daddy Son Moment


You know that moment that people are sometimes lucky enough to have that you don’t really plan for but it just happens? We had one yesterday! My son Gabriel had a chance to compete in the state Science Olympiad competition at the University of Tennessee yesterday. So Kas, Gabriel, and I took the three hour […]

Monsters University


Man, when Gabriel was a baby Monster’s Inc was his movie. He could be crying, eating, or busy playing and we would turn it on…….SILENCE……..he would just sit there for hours and watch it over and over again. I remember taking him to Disney and we were at Hollywood Studios for the parade and Mike […]

Top 10 Mustaches Ever


You know, just looking back at Movember this year, it has me thinking of the mustache. Man, there have been some great mustaches over the years if you really think about it. I have worn a Goatee that is connected to the mustache for years now. Only in November did I shave it off to […]