That Little Bit Of Disney Magic Made Everything Okay For A Minute


It had been a long couple of months for our family. My wife Kas had lost her mother at 48 years old and roughly a month later the grandmother that had practically raised her. Kas was going through the hardest time and I didn’t know what to do. I remember telling the kids about their […]

I Went To The Chicago Auto Show


It happened. I finally made it to the Chicago Auto Show. My wife went last year and had planned a trip to go this year but the Florida sun called her name and she just couldn’t resist. She asked me to go and I packed my bags and went. Over the next couple of weeks, […]

What Did I Do Wrong?


My wife Kas comes to me and says,”Hey,can you get off work on February 5th, 6th, and 7th?” I said, I don’t know why? “Because it’s the Chicago Auto Show and I need you to go.” Okay, let me see what I can do. I get it all worked out and tell her and then […]

My Children Are Amazing


My children are an amazing Duo. These two do great things everyday. Just when you think that they are going to start that fighting phase again, they pull themselves out of it and get along. Kas and I decided to take the kids to Disney with us on our anniversary get away this past weekend. […]

Just What Our Family Needed

After the death of Nano and the near death of Grandma, our family needed something to happen that was good. Well is has been happening. Our Isabella is a HUGE One Direction fan!! Well Kas was able to get them in to see a screening in Nashville of the new One Direction movie This Is […]

The Vine Craze Has Hit My Family

When Kas first showed me a Vine video I said, “Who are these people that have time to do this crap all day?” Things quickly changed. It took one weekend night when the kids were away to get me involved. Now I’m not claiming to be #VineFamous ….BUT….I am BIG DADDY Famous! Leave a comment […]

Southern Bella’s Ways to Save’s Husband and Proud of It


When we started out together, almost thirteen years ago, I was a manager of a restaurant moving into a small town that did not have much of anything other than fast foods and local restaurants. She was a young lady with a job at the new restaurant coming to town. Believe me, this was a […]