Delivery Man Starring Vince Vaughn


***Disclosure: I attended a press screening for this movie. All opinions are 100% mine. Pictures by Disney.*** David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn) just found out that he is the biological father of 533 children. Back in the day he “donated” sperm a lot!! Over and over again. Many Times! Over 500 times!! More times than most! […]

Thor 2 is Here Now!!


Thor 2 is here!!! What is it that could cause Thor to ask Loki for help? I have not seen this movie yet but rest assured that I will have myself in theaters as soon as I can. I am excited for the brothers to team up (if they do). I love a good family […]

5 HUNDRED and 33 Kids! Delivery Man EXCLUSIVE Trailer


***Disclosure: Images & Info provided by Disney & DreamWorks. All opinions are 100% mine. *** So when Kas and I first got married we talked about having 4 kids. Hopefully, two boys and two girls….BUT….things change. Right now we have two and that is the perfect family for us. One boy. One girl. Sure, over […]

The Monsters Are Going To College


Mike and Sully are back! I Love…I mean the kids LOVE these guys. It is going to be cool to see how it all began. The friendship, the scaring, and the history are all intriguing to me. There looks to be some frat parties, some initiations, and other crazy stuff that monsters do in college. […]

Delivery Man Delivered


Vince Vaughn is Back again! This dude makes me laugh so hard! Can you imagine getting the news that he does in the trailer? I might be alright with a child or maybe even two…BUT…over 500?! To see what I mean check this out I think that I would be passed out on the floor […]

Disney’s Planes-I Just Got Cold Chills


I am so ready for this movie…I just got cold chills watching this trailer…LOL…cold chills from an animated movie! I don’t even care if I have to go by myself!! Watch the trailer for yourself. SO…what did you think? You are ready to see it now too…I know it! “From above the world of “Cars” […]

Iron Man 3 Is Here!


I could not wait to see this movie when I heard it was coming out! I think that I may be the first in line to see it when it hits theaters locally. At least I will try to be! Watch this Extended look at the Iron Man 3 trailer. “Based on the ever-popular Marvel […]